October 22

Pixies – Gasometer, Vienna 2019

Pixies – Gasometer, Vienna 2019

The Pixies concert at the Vienna Gasometer started my fall/winter concert season. Because I moved from lower Austria to Vienna, it was rather quiet on the blog for the last six weeks. Why this changes everything and how I decorated my new Rockstar home I’ll show you soon. Today, I’ll take you with me to last night’s concert though.

Where is my mind

The band Pixies is a part of my life long before their song “Where is my mind” rose to fame due to the film “Fight Club” with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt.

I am so happy that I heard the song live! You need to know that this song embodies a part of my life. I first heard it back when I was working at the theatre, having crazy work hours. I don’t wanna complain about that time, because I learned so much, but I am glad to work in an office these days. Still, whenever I hear the song now, I am right back at that time, which makes me smile.


Beneath the Eyrie

Not long ago, Pixies released their latest album and brought back the good old times

The new playlist is so-so but still has some favorite song potential for new and old Pixies fans. My personal favorite is the song “Ready for Love”. I don’t really know why, but it reminds me of Nick Cave somehow. I can’t say if it’s the lyrics or the dark mood that still leaves me with a positive feeling. Maybe it’s the chorus because I am ready for love…

Leave me a comment down below and tell me if you’ve been to the Pixies’ gig yesterday or if not, tell me your favorite song of theirs. As always, I enjoyed my time in the photo pit and was able to bring home some beautiful snaps. Enjoy!

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