July 16

Ministry Nova Rock Festival 2019

On the last day of the festival, I ran from stage to stage because all these amazing bands were performing one after the other. Ministry was one of them.

Ministry started their Tour with their Nova Rock performance. 24 Live Shows will follow. And I can only advise you to get tickets because you’ll regret it if you miss them.

Ministry – Nova Rock Festival 2019


On my way to the stage, I ran into their guitarist Sinhue Quirin. We exchanged Instagram accounts and of course, he had to pose for a selfie with me. If everything works out our paths will cross again and I will have the opportunity to shoot them on their Tour. I’d be super happy if everything will work out. See you guys!


Since the Nova Rock Festival 2019 was, like I already mentioned, their Tour Start there isn’t a Setlist online yet. But you can be sure that I will ask Sid for one and put it and a Spotify playlist up here asap!

So, where will you see Ministry live?

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