June 19

A Magical Photoshoot Experience at the Versailles Grand Masked Ball

In January 2024, the tickets for the Grand Versailles Masked Ball went on sale, and I knew I had to be there. I immediately booked an Airbnb apartment, wanting to plan with my boyfriend to get our costumes ready. Despite the tickets selling out quickly, I kept the apartment booking. Did I keep the apartment? I did!

Prepping for the Big Day

One week before the ball, I reached out to Allie, the admin of the most precious Facebook group dedicated to this event. I offered a special service to take photos of guests in their exquisite costumes against the beautiful backdrop of Versailles. Allie gave me her okay on Friday, and I saw her feedback on Sunday. The excitement and adrenaline kept me awake that night!

Going Live and Booking Clients

On Monday, my sales page went live in the group. I quickly booked four wonderful clients from the US. The anticipation and excitement for this incredible afternoon were overwhelming.

Leica Photographer Iris Reihs

The Day of the Ball

Do you want to know how to bring a chair through the security gate for shooting purposes? You just have to be bold. Without my boyfriend's help, I wouldn't have made it through because I got cold feet. But we did it and took hilarious pictures of me, ready for the shoot.

Of course, I arrived an hour early before my lovely clients. I wanted to check out the area, find the best corners for shooting, and see how many tourists were around so we could have the place to ourselves.

The Shoot

I shot my four lovely clients in one hour, and it was the best experience I've ever had. Meeting such wonderful people and capturing their moments in front of the iconic gates and gardens of Versailles was a dream come true.

Leica Photographer Iris Reihs

Looking Forward to Next Year

I can't wait to take your picture next year in front of the gates of Versailles or in the gardens. Hop on my newsletter list, so I can update you when the shooting slots are available for 2025.

It was wonderful to meet you, Jill, Steven, Kim, and Kelly! ❤️

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